Formed in 2008, Analog Jazz is a collective and creative endeavor. Featuring contemporary smooth Jazz stylings, it combines instrumental leads with some strategically placed vocal arrangements modestly tossed in. The musical influence of the group draws upon the early foundations of West Coast Jazz while simultaneously producing more modern arrangements. Any jazz fan will appreciate Analog Jazz’s arrangements of covers from such noted artists as Horace Silver, Grover Washington Jr.,  Herbie Hancock, and David Sanborn. The band is not afraid to try almost anything and their repertoire shows it. We effortlessly blend custom covers of Traditional Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and even Top 40 in an undeniably smooth approach. But don’t let the “smooth approach” fool you, the band likes to get funky and then turn around and serve up a nice groove that dancers find hard to resist. An Analog Jazz performance is a professionally crafted expression of music appreciation that people of all ages seem to really enjoy. Come join us sometime!

Matt Braswell
Sax / Vocals

Matt has been playing saxophones for 30 years and his playing style is highly influenced by the in-your-face sounds of R&B funk sax players like Jr. Walker, Lenny Pickett, and David Sanborn but can also slip into a mellow groove ala Grover Washington Jr. or Gerald Albright. Matt has played with many bands over the years and has one album credit with Mic Martin’s What is it About You on the One Foot in Front of the Other album which was a great success in Europe in 2005. As a member of Analog Jazz, Matt has opened for Boney James in concert. Matt cut his vocal chops in contemporary worship groups and through hosting karaoke and can cut a lead or find a harmony. Matt prefers the connection with a live audience but is also at home in the studio with his Analog Jazz bandmates.

Leonard Carillo

Upright Bass / Electric Bass

Leonard has been playing at the young age of twelve. Being able to take the place of a neighbor in a local band performing in the local scene at weddings and grand openings etc. In his teens, Leonard progressed to touring the US and Europe with a number of recording artist supporting their recordings and broadening his musical reach. His passion is to explore a variety of styles of music from rock, pop, funk, R&B & Jazz. Leonard loves the challenges that the styles bring. His influences are Paul McCartney, Brian Bromberg, to John Clayton.

Dave Eaton
Guitar / Vocals 

Dave began playing guitar in the mid ’60s and quickly developed a passion for folk music and finger-style guitar. Through the years he grew to enjoy a wide variety of styles that seemed perfectly suited to guitar; rock, blues, pop, big band, Gospel… and of course smooth jazz! Although he is a graphic designer/illustrator by trade, music has always offered an emotional outlet that the visual arts simply could not provide. At this stage in life, he has found that connection is what matters most: connection to the soul of a musical piece, connection to the audience, and connection to the other players in the band. Analog Jazz feels like the culmination of everything learned and experienced so far.

Russ Merritt

Drums / Percussion

Russ brings to Analog Jazz a lifetime of musical experience that spans decades as a professional percussionist for numerous local and national artists. He gravitated toward drums and percussion crediting his native culture as the influence and love for specific music styles. His sense of classic and modern style makes him an A-list musician that brings impeccable beat and rhythm to the band.

Carlun Robinson 

Keyboards / Vocals

Carlun is a multi-instrument musician who has played in several Bay Area bands over the last 20 years. Carlun’s first musical experience was with jazz guitar which his older brother Carl began teaching him at the age of 14. In the years to come, Carlun learned to play the bass, drums, and eventually piano. As a keyboardist and guitarist of multiple genres, Carlun’s musical influences range from Oscar Peterson and Nat King Cole to Wes Montgomery and Jimi Hendrix. His vocal influences include Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and Eric Benet. His passion for music composition and chord melody is evident on medium tempo grooves and ballads.