In Loving Memory of 
David Gonzalez
June 1948 - December 2014

In December 2014 Analog Jazz lost one of our founding members. David was tremendous in the early development of the bands sound with his Cuban influence and natural beat. For those that have been with us from the beginning, you'll agree that David was a real delight to watch as he skillfully performed. We miss him very much and never want to forget the contribution that he made to our music and our lives as a whole. We all love you brother and miss you dearly. 
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Analog Jazz formed in 2008 as a collective and creative endeavor. Analog Jazz is a Contemporary Jazz band that features instrumental leads with some strategically placed vocal arrangements modestly tossed in. The musical influence of the group draws upon the early foundations of West Coast Jazz while simultaneously producing more modern arrangements. Any Jazz fan will appreciate Analog Jazz’s arrangements of covers from such noted artists as Horace Silver, Grover Washington Jr., Herbie Hancock, and David Sanborn. The band is not afraid to try anything and their repertoire shows it by effortlessly blending custom covers of Traditional Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and even Top 40 in an undeniably smooth approach. But don’t let the smooth approach fool you, the band likes to get funky and then turn around and serve up a nice groove that dancers find hard to resist. An Analog Jazz performance is a professionally crafted expression of music appreciation that people really enjoy

Ralph Burnett
​Keyboard / Vocals and Music Director
"Ralph is a keyboardist, producer/arranger and songwriter that has been involved in the jazz scene for over twenty years. His professional career began in the '80's when he served as Products Manager for Jazz at MCA Records. He has also managed associated labels: GRP, Impulse!, Narada and JVC Jazz, among others. Ralph is also a longtime music journalist who has interviewed some of jazz music’s most popular musicians for magazines such as Jazziz, Keyboard, The Jazz Review and Play. He has also contributed to the All Music Guide and the Music Hound Jazz Record Guide. Ralph is enjoying his new focus stretching out as a "live" player.
Dave Eaton
​Guitars / Vocals 
Dave began learning/playing guitar in the mid 60’s and quickly developed a passion for folk music and finger-style guitar. Through the years he grew to enjoy a wide variety of styles that seemed perfectly suited to guitar; rock, blues, pop, big band, Gospel… and of course smooth jazz! Although he is a graphic designer/illustrator by trade, music has always offered an emotional outlet that the visual arts simply could not provide. At this stage in life he has found that connection is what matters most: connection to the soul of a musical piece, connection to the audience and connection to the other players in the band. Analog Jazz feels like the culmination of everything learned and experienced so far and the future is anxiously waiting for… whatever is next.
Leonard Carillo
Bass Guitars 
Leonard has been playing at the young age of twelve. Being able to take the place of a neighbor in a local band performing in the local scene at weddings and grand openings etc. In his teens Leonard progressed to touring the US and Europe with a number of recording artist supporting their recordings and broadening his musical reach. His passion is to explore a variety of styles of music from rock, pop, funk, R&B & Jazz . Leonard loves the challenges that the styles bring. His influences are Paul McCartney, Brian Bromberg , to John Clayton.

Tim Doane
The smooth melodic sounds of Tim Doane on flute has been praised for his incredible ability to blend his tone and skill tying a nice bow on the musical selections. Tim's been perfecting his his craft since he was very young with influences from Herbie Mann to Ian Anderson. Tim continues to push his boundaries with his skills and will accomplish what ever challenge he buts himself in front of.
Matt Braswell
Sax / Vocals
Exposed to music as a child by his piano playing uncle, Matt picked up the saxophone in middle school and took to the instrument immediately. Matt has played and recorded with bands in Sacramento area over the last 15 years covering musical genres such as Praise, Rock, Swing, Funk, Soul, Jazz and Blues. Matt has also established himself as a talented vocalist singing in bands and hosting karaoke. He owned and operated a small entertainment company in Sacramento, which provided the area with some of the best karaoke shows and live entertainment. When not playing with Analog Jazz, Matt still hosts a karaoke shows for his long time karaoke patrons.

​Mark Carlson
Mark was first inspired to learn the drums after seeing a live band at a Michigan Elks Club while visiting spending time with his grandparents! Shortly after he joined the Jr. high band at the age of 13 and it all progressed from there. During his formative years in music, he finds the work of Jeff Porcaro (Toto) to be his favorite. Jeff is his mentor for drumming, but he also sees great inspiration from the works of Manu Katche, Vinnie Colaiuta, Terry Bozzio, Benny Greb and several others. Mark identifies more so, as a rock drummer, but loves many other styles. Not only does this background provide for some diversity to the Analog Jazz sound, but it enhances the dynamic liveliness of our groove.  
Mark Lee
Mark has been performing since he was in his early teens as a drummer touring with various bands around the US and abroad. Mark adds the “Spice”  to the bands arraignments and is professional in every sense. Mark is the latest member of the band performing the Sacramento Jazz Festival and the Fountains Summer Concert Series.